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Washington State University The Newest Members of the MSS Family

The Newest Members of the MSS Family

Multicultural Student Mentor Program

African American Student Center 


Photo of Valerie Bracamontes

Valerie Bracamontes

Photo of Jocelynn Coleman

Jocelynn Coleman

Photo of Ana Cortez

Ana Cortez

Photo of Jamie Diamond

Jamie Diamond

Photo of Amani Edmondson

Amani Edmondson

Photo of Jenna Fitzgerald

Jenna Fitzgerald

photo of Kayana Hirokane

Kayana Hirokane

Photo of Min Kim

Min Kim

Photo of Kasey Loo

Kasey Loo

Photo of Nicole Liu

Nicole Liu

Photo of Celina Mendoza

Celina Mendoza

photo of Vanessa Moz Vivanco

Vanessa Moz Vivanco

Photo of Shakira Muhammad

Shakira Muhammad

Photo of Jordan Prescott

Jordan Prescott

Photo of Gabriela Rodiguez-Garcia

Gabriela Rodiguez-Garcia

Photo of Talia Sampson

Talia Sampson

Photo of Aja Uesato

Aja Uesato

Asian American Pacific Islander Student Center


Photo of Aelizah Espiritu

Aelizah Espiritu

Photo AJ Apalla

AJ Apalla

Photo of Ashley Nguyen

Ashley Nguyen

Photo of Charity Lau

Charity Lau

Photo of Christie Lee

Christie Lee

Photo of Donavyn Velez-Fucal

Donavyn Velez-Fucal

Photo of Gabriell Ho

Gabriell Ho

Photo of Gabriella Del Rosario

Gabriella Del Rosario

Photo of Gabrielle Guerrero

Gabrielle Guerrero

Photo of Gema Garcia-Ochoa

Gema Garcia-Ochoa

Photo of Jordyn Eleazar

Jordyn Eleazar

Photo of Kimberly Padilla

Kimberly Padilla

Photo of Joseph-Lee Franco

Joseph-Lee Franco

Photo of Marc Armas

Marc Armas

Photo of Naomi Kim

Naomi Kim

Photo of Pazao Lee

Pazao Lee

Photo of Ruth Lee

Ruth Lee

Photo of Steve Na

Steve Na

Photo of Tanya RIvera

Tanya Rivera

Photo of Willy Morales

Willy Morales

Chicanx/Latinx Student Center


Photo of Hugo Barragan

Hugo Barragan

Photo of Cynthia Betancourt

Cynthia Betancourt

Photo of Natalie Ann

Natalie Ann

Photo of Ana Contreras Ochoa

Ana Contreras-Ochoa

Photo of Kasandra Edeza-Rodriguez

Kasandra Edeza-Rodriguez

Photo of Lisette Gonzalez

Lisette Gonzalez

Photo of Linnea Grotheer

Linnea Grotheer

Photo of Kristine Horita

Kristine Horita

Photo of Sam Lopez

Sam Lopez

Photo of Nayomi Mendez-Andrade

Nayomi Mendez-Andrade

Photo of Viviana Murillo-Rangel

Viviana Murillo-Rangel

Photo of Lesli Napoles

Lesli Napoles

Photo of Martin Navarrete-Contreras

Martin Navarrete-Contreras

Photo of Gina Ortega

Gina Ortega

Photo of Alejandra Rodriguez-Mendoza

Alejandra Rodriguez-Mendoza

Photo of Anna Sahar

Anna Sahar

Native American Student Center


Photo of Alicia

Alicia Ojeda

photo of Asiamay

Asiamay Diaz

photo of Guzman

Cithlalli Guzman

Photo of Jamie Kness

Jamie Kness

Photo of Kaitlin Srader

Kaitlin Srader

Photo of VIncent

Vincent Gonzalez

Photo of Jaissa Grunlose

Jaissa Grunlose

Team Mentoring Program

Information coming soon!


Office Assistants of 2020-2021

Information coming soon!


Tutors of 2020-2021

Information coming soon!