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The Office of Multicultural Student Services

Welcome to the Academic Enrichment Center

Our Mission

The mission of the Academic Enrichment Center is to guide WSU students in developing strategies and skills to become active, independent, and confident learners in our increasingly multicultural campus, nation, and world.


The Academic Enrichment Center helps students improve academic performance by providing free tutoring, academic-related workshops, handouts on professional, career, and college success strategies, and a computer lab. Tutors, lab monitors, and experts on strategies proven to help students succeed are available to help students reach their goals. The AEC, working in close cooperation with the student centers, also provides referral services for students with questions or needs that may be better met by other offices on campus.

The Academic Enrichment Center is located in the Compton Union Building 421.

All students are welcome!


An Academic Enrichment Center Tutor Group


The vision of the Academic Enrichment Center is to develop a supportive community of successful learners on the WSU Pullman campus, and an exemplar of academic support through workshops and tutoring as teaching and learning in the Pacific Northwest.


The mission of the Academic Enrichment Center is to guide students in developing the academic habits of mind, strategies, and skills to become active, independent, collaborative, and confident learners in preparation for life in our increasingly multicultural university, nation, and world.


  • Academic Excellence
  • Cultural Relevance
  • Research-based Training
  • Supportive Community


Goal 1: Tutoring- Develop and implement a tutor recruitment, training, support, and assessment program designed to equip tutors to work effectively with students in the teaching-learning process.

Goal 2: Staff- Recruit, train, supervise, and assess graduate assistant and office assistant student staff for responsible roles in supervising academic enrichment center, gathering and organizing data, and monitoring a clean, safe supportive learning environment.

Goal 3: Academic Success Workshops- Recruit presenters, create and publicize calendar, provide engaging sessions on relevant topics for success in college, life, careers, graduate school, and emerging needs.

Goal 4: Mentor-Tutor Collaboration- Work with Multicultural Student Mentoring Program Coordinator to provide intentional learning opportunities for mentees and STAR, supported by MSMP mentors and taught by AEC tutors.

Goal 5: Collaborate with professional staff on goals of MSS as requested.

Goal 6: Gather, analyze, and report data on student attendance, work progress, and academic growth in the AEC as part of the goals-implementation-assessment planning cycle.