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The Office of Multicultural Student Services


At the Office of Multicultural Student Services, you’ll find thoughtful guidance and a community of support. Staff members are dedicated to assisting you with your academic success agenda, degree completion, and career planning.

Multicultural student organizations form strong partnerships with the Student Centers. They connect with the centers for social and cultural exploration, intra and inter-group relations, meetings, program planning, and educational initiatives.

The Academic Enrichment Center provides support networks that address cultural and social concerns, as well as a several helpful services and workshops that can enhance your course work. Among the resources are a several enrichment programs, a computer lab, tutors in several subjects, and a variety of workshops.

The Mentoring Programs are another resource you may find helpful to your college experience. Our skilled student mentors assist their peers in learning about the programs and assistance available from Multicultural Student Services, Student Affairs, and other areas of the University.

Multicultural Student Services also offers Intercultural Collaboration and Leadership Development (ICLD). Students engage in discussion, activities, and programs designed to help them build cultural and global competency; articulate with a sense of pride and empowerment the answer to the question, "who am I?"; work towards and achieve high levels of intercultural collaboration, leadership skills, and academic excellence.