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The Office of Multicultural Student Services

Stephen Bischoff, Ph.D.

Director | Multicultural Student Services

CUB 414C

Call us 509-335-7704
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J. Manuel Acevedo

Director | Mentoring Programs and Assessment

CUB 409C

Call us 509-335-1071
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Donna Arnold

Associate Director | African American Student Center

CUB 420B

Call us 509-335-4315
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Dominique Faga'autau

Retention Counselor | Asian American and Pacific Islander Student Center

CUB 414B

Call us 509-335-6939
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Amy Poirier


CUB 409B

Call us 509-335-6931
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Sylvia Bullock

Advisor and MSS Administration

CUB 410A

Call us 509-335-1070
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Marcela C. Pattinson

Assistant Director of MSS Community Relations & Outreach and Undocumented Initiatives

CUB 408

Call us 509-335-5965
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Elouise Montes de Oca

Admin Assistant | Front Desk

CUB 409

Call us 509-335-7852
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Jessie Padilla, G.A.

Retention Counselor and Instructor | Smart Start Program

CUB 410B

Call us 509-335-6937
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Tabitha Espina

GSI Academic Enrichment Center

CUB 421C

Call us 509-335-1773
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Rick Flores

Interim Retention Counselor, Chicanx/Latinx Student Center

CUB 402B

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